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Hosting a Workshop

Workshops provide a safe environment for boys and girls in separate sessions to listen, learn and talk about what is going in their club and beyond.
Hearing how swimmers have been through the same challenges can be such a relief.

Making sure parents feel confident that BTBL is right for their kids is crucial. To be sure parents are ok with the content, there is a parent handout available that covers the topics and what is discussed during the workshop. If requested we can present a 10-15 minute overview of the program before the face-to-face workshop starts.

The online videos are housed in a locked section and require a parent’s email address before they can be accessed by anyone under 18 years.


Club requirements

The minimum workshop group number is 10 girls or boys, between 13 and 18 years of age. You can request either a girls or boys workshop, or both, depending on your numbers. If you want to run both, we suggest they are run concurrently, in two separate locations.

As the host club you need to provide a venue with a suitable room for the number of swimmers expected. The workshop facilitator will only be traveling with a USB, so you will need AV facilities including a computer, screen and speakers.

If you haven’t got the venue facilities or the numbers, you can always team up with another club to host a workshop.