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Beyond the Black Line is delivered through online videos and face-to-face workshops. It’s designed by swimmers for young swimmers aged between 13 and 18 years old. If your child is an early bloomer, they may be able to take part with your consent at a slightly younger age.

The videos give your kids the chance to explore topics most relevant to them and give you a taste of what a workshop holds. In a 90-minute workshop, they also have the chance to share the experiences of a past or present Australian Dolphins member and ask questions to help them overcome any obstacles and improve their future possibilities.

Delivered separately to groups of boys and girls, workshops cover topics such as self-esteem, body image, puberty, pressure and life balance. And the all-important, communicating with parents and coaches.

The workshops are open to young swimmers of all levels and abilities. They are held on a boys or girls only basis. It’s the best way we know to keep the atmosphere relaxed and the conversation flowing.

If you feel you or your kids need more advice at any time the Beyond the Workshop page is a good starting point.

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