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Beyond the Black Line is delivered through online videos and face-to-face workshops. Created by swimmers it’s designed for young swimmers aged between 13 and 18 years old. Early bloomers can take part with parents' consent at a slightly younger age.

The videos give your athletes the chance to explore topics relevant to them and give you an idea of how hosting a workshop can keep them swimming stronger and longer. In a 90-minute workshop, they have the chance to share the experiences of a past or present Australian Dolphin and ask questions to help them overcome any obstacles and improve their future performance. The first 10-15 minutes of the workshop provides an overview for parents, however coaches are also welcome to listen in to gain further insight before the face-to-face workshop starts.

Delivered separately to groups of boys and girls, workshops cover topics such as self-esteem, resilience, puberty, pressure, goal setting and motivation. And the all-important, communicating with coaches and team mates.

The workshops are open to budding swimmers, not just the elite. They are held on a boys or girls only basis. It’s the best way we know to keep the atmosphere relaxed and the conversation flowing.

The online videos are also housed in a locked section and require your email address before they can be accessed. While the content is targeted towards swimmers, coaches are encouraged to have a look too.

If your athletes or their parents feel they need more advice the Beyond the Workshop page is a good starting point.

Beyond the workshop
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